Why Toothpaste Tablets? Shoppers are becoming more aware of the ethical and environmental impact of the goods they purchase. As a result of this, toothpaste tablets are becoming increasingly popular. This isn’t the only reason consumers love them; there are lots of zero-waste toothpaste tablet options, they tend to contain […]

Manufacturing Your Own Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light

Teeth whitening kits that include gels and an LED light have become an increasingly popular method to whiten teeth. They are simple and easy to use, it’s no surprise why this method of whitening is buzzing throughout social media.  Here at CosmoLab, we’re experts in dental cosmetics and have worked within […]

Manufacturing Your Own Toothpaste Tablets

Toothpaste tablets are becoming increasingly popular and are expected to be the next big dental care product. There are many reasons why people are getting excited about toothpaste tablets; they are environmentally friendly (there’s no need to use plastic), they don’t contain any water (making them lighter to transport) and […]

Manufacturing Your Own Teeth Whitening Strips

W Whitening strips are one of the world’s most popular methods of whitening. They are quick, simple and easy to use, thus enhancing their appeal. Whitening strips initially took off in the USA, although now are creating huge demand worldwide. At CosmoLab, we will work with your team to develop […]

Manufacturing your own teeth whitening powder

CosmoLab Blog post – Whitening Powders   Whitening powders are a great product to help remove surface stains on teeth and restore them to their natural whiteness. There has been a huge spike in demand for powders recently as an addition to your whitening routine.   They are also great […]

Want private label, white label, OEM or own brand products?

Here at Cosmolab, we work together to develop your own unique formulation or to launch one of our existing formulas. We create private and white label, OEM, and own brand products. Working together we create a custom formula as well as bespoke packaging. You can choose from an array of different […]

Are you interested in creating your own charcoal teeth whitening powder?

Over the past year, using activated charcoal has become one of the most popular ways to create a brighter smile. It’s now almost impossible not to see charcoal being used for teeth whitening purposes throughout social media.   Activated charcoal powder is excellent for scrubbing teeth, which helps to lift […]

Manufacturing your own Teeth Whitening Gel

Are you interested in creating your own dental private label range? Teeth Whitening is now known to be the biggest cosmetic treatment in the world with hundreds of thousands of consumers seeking out to achieve that pearly white Hollywood smile on a yearly basis. In the age where everything is […]

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