Private label tooth and lip gloss

Here at CosmoLab we are the only private label manufacturer that can formulate and manufacture a tooth and lip gloss in the UK.

Revolutionary tooth gloss can brighten any smile and can also double up as a lip gloss. Applied directly to teeth, this light-reflecting formula creates a shining smile, while also freshening breath, fighting bacteria and nourishing teeth and gums. This is designed for use on the go with its quick and easy applicator.


The first step in this process is formulation, you can talk to our team about your specific requirements or you can choose one of our off the shelf formulas.


We can source the exact packaging you visualise for your product and fully personalise it in your own branding.


We can supply your product in any size you require.


+ With a wide range of flavours such as mint and strawberry and a choice of colours such as gold or silver; we can create a completely bespoke formulation for you.

+ We can also add extra ingredients to your product. Ingredients such as vitamin E and Jojoba oil can set your product aside from the rest!


+ We have a range of packaging options to choose from to package your private label tooth/ lip gloss.


+ We can manufacture your tooth gloss in any size your business needs.

+ The MOQ on tooth gloss is 10,000 pcs.


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