Private label teeth whitening pen

Private label Teeth Whitening Pens can separate your product line from the masses of the teeth whitening and oral care market.

Your private label Whitening Pen will be made exactly to your specifications. CosmoLab will help you create the best formula made exclusively for your company and your market, or if time is of the essence we can offer great off the shelf formulas too.


The first step in this process is formulation, you can talk to our team about your specific requirements or you can choose one of our off the shelf formulas.


We can source the exact packaging you visualise for your product and fully personalise it in your own branding.


We can supply your product in any size you require.


+ Our non- peroxide whitening gel formula is powdered by PAP whitening technology to oxidise and whiten teeth. Containing calcium, aloe vera and vitamin E our gel not only whitens teeth but it also cares for them. With natural flavour and a neutral pH, you can guarantee our whitening gel promotes a healthy white smile.

+ Our peroxide whitening gel can be formulated in 6% hydrogen peroxide.


+ We have a range of pen options for you to choose from, these can be fully personalised in your own brand colours and with your logo.

+ We can also package your whitening pen in its own individual box.


+ We can manufacture your whitening pen in any size you require.

+ MOQ of 3000 units


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