Private label teeth whitening powder

Tooth whitening powder has increased in popularity over the years. It can be used as an alternative to brushing or in addition to brushing for a whitening effect.

We can manufacture you your very own teeth whitening powder in your branding, find out more below.


The first step in this process is formulation, you can talk to our team about your specific requirements or you can choose one of our off the shelf formulas.


We can source the exact packaging you visualise for your product and fully personalise it in your own branding.


We can supply your product in any size you require.


+ We manufacture a variety of Whitening Powders including charcoal powder and volcanic whitening powder.

+ We formulate enhanced tooth powders with the highest quality ingredients such as kaolin clay, calcium carbonate, aloe vera powder, greet tea extracts and mint flavouring.

+ Our whitening powders are made with the best ingredients, meaning they are high polishing but low abrasion. So the powders we manufacture are both whitening and good for teeth.


+ We are able to package your branded whitening powder in either glass, plastic or tin jars. Once we have packaged your product we can then assist in the branding with the help of our in house graphic designer.

+ We offer very low order quantities of 5000pcs


+ We can supply your whitening powder in and size packaging or we can supply in bulk.


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