We are a dental product

manufacturer based in the UK

We are a boutique dental manufacturer of high-quality teeth whitening and oral care products. We are able to assist you through the entire product development process from formulation, development, sample production, testing and product/packaging design.

Our focus is the production of high-quality products using great quality ingredients and the latest innovations.


Specialists in oral care products

We can work with you to develop a new formulation that is unique to you or you can use one of our existing formulas.

We have extensive experience in terms of developing and manufacturing dental / oral care products. The types of products that we can make for you include:

Toothpaste Manufacture

including whitening toothpaste, sensitivity toothpaste, remineralising toothpaste, bleeding gums toothpaste, kids toothpaste, anti-cavity toothpaste and more. We have a range of toothpaste formulas that you can choose from our we can work with you to develop your own unique toothpaste formulation that we will then manufacture exclusively for you. We are able to do low minimum order quantities of 10,000pcs.

Mouthwash Manufacture

including whitening mouthwash, sensitivity mouthwash, remineralising mouthwash, bleeding gums mouthwash, anti-cavity mouthwash and more. We are also able to supply concentrated mouthwashes. We are able to do low minimum order quantities of 10,000pcs.

Concentrated Mouthwash Manufacture

including a range of pre-formulated mouthwash concentrates, including everyday, intense fresh, peppermint, apple miny, coconut and lime. we have a range of kids flavours to choose from too such as strawberry, apple, berry and custard.

Teeth Whitening Gel Manufacture

including peroxide based whitening gels made with either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as well as non-peroxide teeth whitening gels that use alternative whitening ingredients to peroxides. We manufacture whitening gels in the UK and have a range of formulas for you to choose from or we can work with you to develop your own.

Toothpaste Tablet Manufacture

We can manufacture toothpaste tablets in your own brand which contain the perfect amount of “toothpaste” for brushing your teeth. These tablets contain the main ingredients of a regular toothpaste but have the water removed. They can be packaged to meet your requirements – for example you may want to offer them in jars of 62 so that they will last a month when brushing twice a day. Available in peppermint flavour and available with and without fluoride.

Mouthwash Tablet Manufacture

We can manufacture mouthwash tablets for use at home. These tablets can be dissolved in water and are the perfect size for one portion. They are available in various flavours including peppermint, spearmint and lemon.

Teeth Whitening Strips Manufacture

including both regular peelable teeth whitening strips or dissolving teeth whitening strips. These strips are available as either peroxide or non-peroxide. We offer a full private label manufacture of teeth whitening strips and make everything in your own brand.

Concentrated Mouthwash Manufacture

includes a range of pre-formulated mouthwash concentrates to choose from or we can formulate one for you. We are able to pack into a variety of different containers and can offer small MOQ’s of 5000pcs.

Whitening Powders

including acive ingredients such as hydroxyapatite, kaolin clay, calcium carbonate, aloe vera powder, perlite, charcoal, hyaluronic acid and probiotics. Our powders can be manufactured in your own brand (private label) and we offer very low order quantities of 1000pcs. We are able to package your branded charcoal powder in either glass or plastic jars.

Breath Spray Manufacture

including various flavours and active ingredients that provide extra benefits to offer more than just fresh breath. We can manufacture breath sprays in very low volume and can work with you to create your own unique formulation.

Tooth Gloss Manufacture

including traditional tooth gloss or enhanced versions that can also whiten teeth, reduce tooth sensitivity or remineralise teeth.

Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to smiles

As a boutique dental manufacturer we are very in tune with what higher value consumers are looking for and also what they would like to avoid. The removal of potentially harmful ingredients is growing in popularity and we can assist you in this part of the development process.

We know you have big plans for your brand and we are able to continue to assist you as you grow. Our development service allows you to produce in smaller batches as you introduce your products to the market. We are able to increase production as demand grows meaning that you experience the same fantastic service and expertise and enjoy the associated savings from larger scale production.


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