You can choose an existing formula or develop your own unique product formulation

There are two ways that we can work together. You can either choose to develop your own unique formulation or if speed is important to you, then you may want to consider launching with one of our existing formulas. These products have passed all of the necessary testing and are registered and ready to be sold – all you need to do is package them in your own branding (which we will do for you!).

Want to develop your own formula? The below steps are summary of the process that you will undergo:


Product Consultation

You will work with one of our product development experts to identify the features and benefits that you want your product to achieve.



After the consultation, we will then create a desktop formula based on your product requirements. Formulation comes with a small charge unless the product being developed is particularly complicated in which case there will be an increase formulation charge.


Sample Production

Once the formula is approved, we will then make the product sample according to your specifications in our on-site dental development lab.


Sample Confirmation

We’ll send you the sample for you to review. We can then make any necessary changes that may be required or you can approve the sample if it meets your requirements.


Product Testing

Once you’re happy with the formulation, it then needs to go through testing before it can be sold. This includes challenge testing & stability testing. Challenge tests take 28 days and cost £250 ex VAT and stability tests take 12 weeks and cost £250 ex VAT. If you want to launch your product quickly then we can also offer accelerated stability testing which takes 4 weeks and costs £575 ex VAT. Regular stability testing is also included in the cost of accelerated stability testing as you will also get a 12 week stability report.


Product Registration

Once your product has passed it’s testing then it needs to be registered and a Product Information File (PIF) needs to be created. This needs to include a Cosmetic Product Safety Report which costs £350 ex VAT per product. We can also maintain your PIF for just £15 ex VAT per product per month so that you can concentrate on promoting your product and growing sales.



We will manufacture the product according to your formulation and packaging requirements and it will then be ready for distribution and sale.

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