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The Mouthwash Market is anticipated to grow significantly worldwide in the years to come, due to the rise in demand for mouthwashes that contain natural ingredients and increasing demand for alcohol-free mouthwashes. CosmoLab is here to help your business take advantage of this trend and help you create a private label mouthwash!



The first step in this process is formulation, you can talk to our team about your specific requirements or you can choose one of our off the shelf formulas.


We can source the exact packaging you visualise for your product and fully personalise it in your own branding.


We can supply your product in any size you require.


+ We can formulate new and exciting private label mouthwash that will be as unique as your brand. Such as a whitening mouthwash, sensitivity mouthwash, remineralising mouthwash, bleeding gums mouthwash, anti-cavity mouthwash and much more. Once we have the perfect formula we can then make your mouthwash almost any colour, flavour or size that you desire.

+ With CosmoLab you have the benefit of formulating high quality products at a very low minimum order quantities, such as 10,000pcs for mouthwash.

+ Are you looking to create an eco-friendly private label mouthwash? We can help with that too, find out more here.


+ We have a range of packaging options to choose from to package your mouthwash.

+ We can provide plastic, recycled plastic, glass and aluminum bottles. We can also provide pump bottles if you would prefer a foam mouthwash.

+ We can also manufacture mouthwash refills in biodegradable bottles, refill mouthwash bottles are great for topping up glass bottles that customers can keep for a long life span. Refilling glass bottles with lighter biodegradable ones is a great eco-friendly swap to and will reduce your carbon footprint. Read more about eco-friendly mouthwash options here.


+ We can fill any size mouthwash bottle, whether you would like to produce a travel or a full size mouthwash.

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